There for you around the clock: our service!

Substrate analysis, spare part or regular maintenance? Our service for you means full physical commitment for us. Because we not only need a knack for your system, but also an ear for your concerns. Our heart always beats for your system - whether biogas or gas upgrading system. We harmonise all our services perfectly. 
With our all-round service from analysis, biological and technical advice to auxiliary materials to increase performance, we get your plant in top form and ensure efficient operation. Our customers have been relying on our expertise for more than 20 years on the market. We currently look after plants with a total installed capacity of almost 150 MW in biological service and 422 MW in technical service.

Our services at a glance:


    Lean back and simply enjoy the peace of mind that everything is in order: with over 166 service employees in Germany and abroad, the 24-hour hotline and our online monitoring, EnviTec is there to help and advise you around the clock, 365 days a year. 
    Our biological service is real manual labour. In the truest sense of the word. Our experienced employees quickly realise when the biology is getting out of hand. As the entire biological process of a plant is very complex, our experts not only need to see, smell and hear, but also take a close look at the environmental conditions. From the selection of substrates to the monitoring of biological processes, we ensure efficient conversion into biogas or biomethane.
    All the values we collect provide an overall picture that enables us to assess the condition of the biological processes. This starts with the examination of the input materials, continues with the sampling and analysis of the fermenter and ends with the fermentation residues. This puts us in a position to provide a comprehensive description of the condition of your plant and recommendations for improving performance. Of course, we do not leave you alone with the analysis. Depending on your requirements, we will immediately supply you with the necessary products to stabilise the process or increase the performance of your plant.
    Our technicians are at your disposal to ensure that your system runs smoothly. Regular maintenance, inspections and upgrades are of course also part of our technical service offering. Regular inspections and timely repairs are crucial for the optimal performance of your system and help minimise downtime. Our maintenance teams support you in extending the service life of your system and also provide the necessary upgrades and optimisations.