Successful industrial projects in the global marketplace

Smart Investments and innovative concepts: Companies and communes make use of the financial assistance that the political system provides for the realisation of the energy-related potential of waste management or just benefit from producing their own energy. Since 2002, we have developed technologies for biogas plants that produce impressive income from food waste, glycerine, slaughterhouse waste and fats. So far, we already built over 34 EnviWaste facilities, with a total capacity of 35.2 MW.

Prize-winning biogas plant in the USA

    • Location: Stanley, New York
    • Capacity: 541 kWel
    • Input materials: Manure from 1,500 Holstein dairy cows, feed refusal, yogurt processing wastes, food waste
    • Features: Since 2014, the average degree of capacity utilization exceeds 91%.
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      Waste material recycling with a small footprint

        • Location: Kishiwada, Osaka (Japan)
        • Capacity: 249 kWel
        • Input materials: Food Waste
        • Features: Complete container solution, Power to the public grid, Heat utilization by the adjacent factory
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          Unpacking and cleaning of waste materials in Ribeauvillé (France)

            • Location: Ribeauvillé (France)
            • Capacity: 1,4 MWel
            • Input materials: Cattle slurry, renewable resources, waste materials from the food industry
            • Features: Separate hygienisation plant with a capacity of 25,000 t/a.
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              Heat and electricity for L’Oreal

                • Location: Libramont (Belgium)
                • Capacity: 3,2 MWel
                • Input materials: Maize, food waste, fats
                • Features: The plant in Libramont is unique in that it completely utilises the generated electricity
                • and the heat that has been transformed into vapour within the factory itself.