Agricultural biogas projects

Clever investments, innovative concepts and integration of the environment – successful makers in the biogas market.

Those who opt for a biogas plant have learnt early on that it is not only the scope of such a project that presents a challenge. Even an intelligent energy concept and cooperative integration of the vicinity and environment require an intensive discussion. Find out more how these components can be converted into a successful concept:

Stowell Farms

    • Capacity: 499 kWe
    • Feedstock: Farm slurry and sustainable crops
    • Location: West Stowell
    • Commissioned: 2012
    • Input: 15,000 tonnes per annum
    • Output: Combined heat & power

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      Buttermilk Hall Farm

      • Capacity: 1067 kWe
      • Feedstock: Sustainable crops (maize)
      • Location: Baldock Road,Buntingford,SG9 9RH.
      • Commissioned: 2012
      • Input: 20,000 tonnes per annum
      • Output: Combined heat and power
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      Melrose Farm

      • Capacity: 499 kWel
      • Feedstock: pig slurry, maize silage and grass silage
      • Commissioned: 2012
      • Input: 8000 tonnes pig slurry plus 8000 tonnes silage a year
      • Highlights: five-year return on investment expected, business planning predictability, slurry lagoon storage eliminated, long-term revenues from Feed in Tariffs
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      Station Works

      • Capacity: 1067 kWel
      • Feedstock: maize and farm residues
      • Location: Station Works, Thaxted, Essex
      • Commissioned: 2012
      • Input: 20,000 tonnes a year
      • Highlights: Long-term, stable income from Feed in Tariffs, short return on investment, soil improvement, crop diversity
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