EnviFarm biogas plants

Our solution for the agricultural sector

Our field-tested EnviFarm biogas plants offer you a flexible choice of input materials, and are tailored individually to your business and your specific requirements. As an alternative to being run as slurry-only plants, you can also operate them with biomass or with any type of organic waste. The stable and spacious technical building offered by an EnviFarm plant allows optimum temperature control with innovative ventilation technology, plus weather-independent operation and storage.

EnviFarm is equally impressive in its compact version (plant output from 75 kWel). The modular, container-based format means EnviFarm can be installed as a compact plant that makes the most of available space. Whatever the model, all our biogas plants have one thing in common: impressively high efficiency and maximum profitability.

Looking for just the right biogas plant for your agricultural business? We’re sure to have the EnviFarm you need:

Your advantages at a glance

  • Optimum safety and dependable EnviTec quality
  • A made-to-measure match for your business
  • High plant efficiency (gas yield up to 9% higher thanks to patented Kreis Biogas Dissolver)
  • CE marking for EnviTec’s scope of delivery
  • Technical customer service and biological service from a single source

Driven by our technological farsightedness and the very highest quality standards, we’ve been researching additional technologies capable of optimising biogas plant usage from the very start. And this hard work has paid off: our ‘Kreis Dissolver’ mixing system offers impressively high substrate savings and higher gas yields, for example. Our EnviTec Feedcontrol feeding system maximises the capacity utilisation of your biogas plant, saving you valuable input materials.

Interested in finding out more? Simply click through our interactive animation and learn all about the layout of our EnviFarm plants and the advantages that are offered by each component.